Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the FiT valued?
    Each offer is uniquely tailored to a specific PV system’s historical generation performance and FiT rate. Once we have these details we can calculate your FiT buyback offer.
  • Who maintains the system?
    We will, once we own the FiT it is in our best interest to make sure the system is performing optimally so we can continue to receive the FiT payments. We will maintain the system at our cost for the remainder of the FiT eligibility period.
  • Tell me more about the tax-free payment?
    As a domestic homeowner the payment you will receive from Sell Your Solar is tax-free and we will deposit the money directly into your nominated bank account once the process is complete.
  • Will my energy bills increase?
    No, the electricity produced by the system will always be available to you to use - for free. We’re not going to restrict you for using this energy or divert it away from you. The exact savings will depend on your energy use behaviour with any energy not used being lost to the grid.
  • Am I restricted from choosing energy providers?
    No, our FiT licensee is independent of your energy supplier so you can always get the best deal for yourself.
  • Do I need my mortgage provider’s consent?
    No, because we don’t take ownership of the system and we don’t register a lease so there is no need for the mortgage provider's consent.
  • Does Sell Your Solar register a lease over my property or airspace?
    No, neither. We only take transfer of the remaining FiT payments so it is a lot cleaner and easier.
  • Can I Sell my House?
    Since we only take ownership of the FiT itself there aren’t any issues with selling your property. As we don’t register a lease over your property or airspace which could have a negative impact on your property’s value.
  • How does the process work?
    It’s very simple, once we agree on an amount for your FiT payments we will send you an Assignment Agreement and other documents to complete. Once we have these and supporting documentation we require we will send someone out to inspect the system and change your solar generation meter to one we can monitor remotely. After this it’s all on our side as we communicate with the relevant energy providers as well as our investor and then payment is made!

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